My Profile


I hate complexity so the best way to deal with it…. break it apart
Creating modules creates a clean infrastructure, easily adaptable to future changes…
I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty and create the analysis tools to help me etc..
Like to digest information, coupled with being a critical thinker it allows me to achieve the best outcome (based on the facts and not assumptions)
Constantly searching for inconsistencies and discrepancies in data and/or information

Weighs the costs, benefits, risks, and chances for success, in making a decision.
Identifies many possible causes for a problem.
Carefully weighs the priority of things to be done.

Bridge Builder / Collaborative Work
Business Analyst role, translating requirements and creating technical specifications
In my element, working closely with teams / departments to achieve success – cheesy?
Position oneself in no mans land to facilitate a close working relationship between teams
A translator between two foreign counter parties (internal / external)

I’m an extremely determined person, who when given a problem, commits himself 110% to completing it…. – cheesy?
When leading a team and/or project and using methodologies I ensure we commit to a realistic deliverable deadline…. this allows me to distill an aura of confidence
Something about creating / denoting long term relationships

Critical Thinker
Coming to a conclusion using a combination of knowledge, data and experience
I love the Identify problem, why does it exist and what can we do about it.
The ability to infer what is wrong based on collected data / analysed data, coupled with excellent communication skills leads to explainable answers to all levels of a company.
Don’t just stop after the problem is solved, always looking to improve the system going forward.

Never let a task drop off the list, it may change priority though.
Provide confidence that when asked to do something I’ll do.
Committing, be truthful and a pro-active communicator is essential to be ‘trustworthy’

Once I have a goal I lock on target and go for it.
I don’t get sidelined by random or not very important tasks, sorting the gravel so to speak.
I’m able to split the task into smaller parts to create and meet milestones

When dealing with clients I’m good at emphasizing with their needs.
Building relationships by giving them respect
Understanding their needs – requirements gathering, asking the right questions etc..
Other person’s point of view is critical.

Problem Solver
When problem solving I like to start of thinking about what complexity I can remove…
I go beyond the problem to find out where the problem came from, can we fix the source, applying a band-aid isn’t going to work
Having a slightly critical mind frame I can envision the ‘worst care scenario’.

Results Driven
Setting clear goals and direction….being able to focus on achieving them
Splitting into sub-tasks to be more AGILE with smaller achievable goals
Doesn’t fall in the face of a challenge or frustrations

Going by the book and being precise. A somewhat perfectionist.
Organization and planning come natural to me
However when needed I can apply flexibility to get the job done